The Whatcom Food Network is composed of the many organizations, agencies, and institutions playing a key role in strengthening our local and regional food system. Working in concert and as equal partners, Network members aim to understand system-wide issues, while relying on the success of each organization to play their part.

Whatcom Food Network member organizations embrace the following core goals for our food system, relying on each other to continue work in their respective sectors to help achieve these goals. Together as a network, we work to build common understanding and facilitate collaborate efforts.

Our Four Goal Areas

What do we do?

  1. Increase communication, coordination, and collaboration among food system-related organizations, agencies, and institutions.
  2. Gain a collective understanding of the barriers and gaps in Whatcom County’s food system and develop common goals for addressing them.
  3. Build community capacity through education, leveraging resources, and mutual support.
  4. Work inclusively with the diverse communities of our region to address food system issues.

How do we do it?