Indicators of Environmental Stewardship

An abundance of healthy and available land
An abundance of clean water for people, farms, and fish
Proactive environmental stewardship

Compostable waste collected by Sanitary Services Corporation Food Plus Program

(Source: Sanitary Services Corporation)

Number of Whatcom County farms and acreage Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture

(Source: WA State Department of Agriculture)

Marine Water Condition Index – by Region

The Department of Ecology has compiled an incredible series of charts for the health of Bellingham Bay based on a number of factors. Please click through to explore in detail.
(Source: WA State Department of Ecology)

Puget Sound Vital Signs

To track progress toward recovery goals for Puget Sound, the Puget Sound Partnership collects and tracks measures called the Puget Sound Vital Signs. The Vital Signs gauge the health of Puget Sound in a way that is scientifically valid and also resonates with the public. A wonderful resource for water quality indicators.
(Source: Puget Sound Partnership)