Providing direct training, tools and assistance linking with resources.


Providing information & promoting awareness to target audiences or the community at large.


Developing or influencing policy, regulations, or legislation.


These organizations work on issues such as preserving land for farming, developing plans and policies on land-use, and maintaining the quality of soil resources in Whatcom County.


These organizations work on issues related to water quantity and quality for farming and fishing.


These organizations are working to mentor new farmers, and help farmers become more financially and/or environmentally sustainable.


These organizations are working to protect and enhance the fisheries industry in Whatcom County.


These organizations are working towards better conditions for foodworkers, farmworkers and assuring sufficient farm labor for local farms.


These organizations are working to reduce the amount of waste in the food system and find alternative uses and recycling opportunities.


These organizations are working to help increase the food processing capacity in Whatcom County and support development of value-added products.


These organizations are working on facilitating the movement of food from local farms to outlets where it can be made available to consumers.


These organizations are working to increase access and encourage the consumption of healthy and locally grown and prepared food.

Grow-Your-Own Programs

These organizations provide resources to educate and assist people in growing, gathering, gleaning, and preserving their own food.

Other Organizations


These organizations are working to inform the public on issues and solutions that are happening in the local food system.

Local Funders

These organizations are providing funding to projects and programs that help improve the local food system. Funding also comes from regional and national funders.