2023 Whatcom County Food System Plan

For the last several years, the core of the Whatcom Food Network’s efforts have focused on the development of the Whatcom County Food System Plan, spearheaded by the Whatcom County Food System Committee.

We hosted community events, drafted policy language, engaged food systems stakeholders in crafting a food system plan that was generated by and for the community, with special attention paid to equity and just economic development.

The 10-year plan for an equitable and sustainable food system plan was passed in July 2023.

We now begin the hard work of implementation, and welcome your interest and engagement in this process. Contact us to learn more.


Whatcom County Food System Plan

2017 Community Food Assessment

A community food assessment (CFA) is a way to understand how a local food system is working from multiple viewpoints within each sector and across all sectors. It provides a snapshot of the successes and challenges within our local food system and can be used to improve or develop programs that focus on the opportunities and needs within the food system.

The Whatcom County Community Food Assessment (CFA) began as a journey into the world of local food systems in 2007 by staff and faculty at the WSU Whatcom County Extension Office. After a lot of research, and public input, the goals and the direction for the CFA were refined and created. The effort that began in 2007 culminated in the first Whatcom Community Food Assessment being published in 2011.

The first CFA actually led to the creation of the Whatcom Food Network as one of the main findings was that more connection and communication across our food system was needed.

Subsequently, the 2017 CFA led to the incorporation of the Whatcom County Food System Committee, who led an update on the CFA in 2021.