The Network provides value through the following structure:

The Network, as a whole, meets twice a year, for members to make connections, build understanding, discuss shared goals, and form subcommittees or Action Groups.

Network Chair & Vice-Chair are members of the Coordinating Team that represent the vision and purpose of the Network, ensure that the organization functions properly, and oversee the network assistant.

A Network Coordinator: this quarter time staff supports the work of the Coordinating Team and the Network by providing administrative support, leadership for forum planning, monitoring action groups and subcommittees, coordinating communications and outreach, and working closely with the Coordinating Team and the Steering Committee to help coordinate projects and group goals moving forward.

A Coordinating Team, composed of 3-5 members of the Steering Committee, meets monthly to facilitate and support the function of the WFN. The Coordinating Team coordinates the Network Forums, supports the Action Groups as needed, and oversees Network communication systems.

Chris Elder

Whatcom Food Network Chair & Coordinating Team

Sara Southerland

Whatcom Food Network Vice Chair & Coordinating Team

Kerry Eastwood

Whatcom Food Network Coordinator

Mardi Soloman

Coordinating Team Member

Karlee Deatherage

Coordinating Team Member

Ali Jensen

Coordinating Team Member

And a Steering Committee, composed of 10-14 representatives of WFN member organizations, meets quarterly to monitor progress towards WFN goals, support bi-annual Network meetings, and serve as ambassadors across the food system.

Steering Committee