Indicators of Social Justice

Equitable access to and consumption of fresh, healthy, and local food
Community understanding of food sovereignty
Opportunity and justice for farm and food workers and their families

Percent of Whatcom County population with low access to a grocery store

( Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Environment Atlas )
*Low access is defined as farther than 1/2 mile in urban areas and 10 miles in rural areas

Occurrence of youth skipping meals from the question “In the past 12 months, how often did your family cut/skip meals?”

(Source: Healthy Youth Survey, Whatcom County Grade 10)

Client visits and food distribution at Bellingham and Whatcom Food Banks
(Source: Bellingham Food Bank)

Number of farms Food Justice Certified as of May 2016 in Whatcom County and the United States

(Source: Agricultural Justice Project)