Current Subcommittees

Subcommittees bring together members of the Steering Committee around a topic that needs further consideration or ongoing support. They may be short term or long term. Subcommittees are appointed by members of the steering committee

  • Community Food Assesment Subcommittee: responsible for coordinating work to update the Community Food Assesment every 3-4 years.
  • Food System Planning Subcommittee: helping to build momentum around creating a food system plan for Whatcom County.

Current Action Groups

Action Groups bring together Network Members from across different sectors of the food system, along with additional community stakeholders, to pursue specific projects, discussions, or campaigns. The Network acts as an umbrella under which action groups can work. They decide if they are open or closed and anyone has the freedom to create an action group, granted one person is a member of the Whatcom Food Network and the group has been approved by the Coordinating Team.

  • Whatcom Farm to School Collaborative: The Whatcom F2S Collaborative is facilitated by the Whatcom F2S Support Team and made up of representatives from organizations actively working to foster community alignment around the message that “What we feed our kids matters.” The broad goals of the F2S Collaborative reflect those of the Whatcom Food Network, with a specific focus on building communication, coordination, and collaboration among organizations working to increase access to healthy food and food education for children and families.