We work to:

1. Increase communication, coordination, and collaboration among food system-related organizations, agencies, and institutions.

2. Gain a collective understanding of the barriers and gaps in Whatcom County’s food system and develop common goals for addressing them.

3. Build community capacity through education, leveraging resources, and mutual support.

4. Work inclusively with the diverse communities of our region to ensure lasting success.

A visual representation of the food system.

Core Values

Whatcom Food Network member organizations support the following core values for our food system, relying on each other to continue work in their respective sectors to help achieve these goals. Together as a network, we work to build common understanding and facilitate collaborate efforts.


Building systematic justice, health and food security for all citizens by ensuring fresh, healthy and locally/sustainably grown foods are available in every community.


Enhancing personal and community health through a strong local food system that provides citizens with optimal nutrition and a greater connection to their food, the farms, and the land.


Creating a local food system that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Building a diverse, participatory food system in cooperation with citizens, businesses, organizations and government.


Advocating for food as a basic right and emphasizing the need of all citizens for accessible, affordable, healthy, and culturally appropriate food.


Protecting and enhancing the agricultural land base and encouraging sustainable resource stewardship and farming practices.


Developing a regional food economy and infrastructure that creates local jobs and long-term economic viability within the food system.


Promoting the fundamental importance of food in bringing people together for celebration and sharing.

How do we do it?

-Hold quarterly Steering Committee meetings

-Host two annual Forums to connect and educate

-Update the Community Food Assessment

-Actively build a diverse member base

Core Elements Of A Healthy Food System We Monitor As A Part Of The CFA